Rescued race horse, Allie finds winning career as a Therapy Horse. Read more about her horse-of-the-year award.

Years: 1990 - 2010
Breed: Thorough-Bred, rescued race horse
Color: dark bay
Height: 15.2 hh

Remembering Allie:

On October 7th, 2010, Allie passed away afer her hind foot/ hoof became infected and untreatable. She was 20 years old. NARHA therapy Horse of the Year 2005>  Ex -racehorse...abandoned at the racetrack.We gave her a new life; She never failed to remember...always gave us everything she had and more. Allie learned to trust us. During her life with us, she had many injuries, and she always came back from them...she worked hard to overcome her past demons from the previous life before she came to RHLC. She will live on in spirit and we will always remember the joy she gave to so many others...many lives were touched, lives were changed from having known her.

Allie’s Story:

In 1995, Allie was abandoned at the Santa Rosa Fairgrounds in Northern California. She was one of 6 horses rescued from the track. She then spent a winter up to her knees in a muddy rain-soaked pasture. By the spring, she was emaciated and afraid of her own shadow. But she was obviously sweet and kind. When Allie arrived at Renaissance Healing & Learning Center, she was nursed back to health, and fed a specialized diet to help her gain 300 pounds. Renaissance’s Director Fran Judd, PT retrained her to become a therapy horse utilizing Linda Tellington-Jones techniques. Allie, being a “people-pleaser,” learned very quickly.

Fran’s daughter Sarah has Developmental Disabilities and experienced Hippotherapy for the first time atop Allie in June of 2000. Over the years, Allie has participated in healing many of Renaissance’s patients.

“We are grateful to know that we were able to save an unloved thoroughbred, and watch her develop into a vital part of our program. Our patients are able to do more because of their therapy, and their relationship with Allie,” said RHLC Director Fran Judd.

Allie will compete for National Horse of the Year at the National NARHA conference in New Orleans in November.


July 28, 2005

Sonoma County Horse Selected as Horse of the Year

A therapy horse in Cotati was selected as Horse of the Year for California, Nevada and Hawaii by The North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, Inc. (NARHA). The horse, named Allie, is used in a hippotherapy program run by Renaissance Healing & Learning Center, which has facilities located on Derby Lane on the west side of Cotati. Hippotherapy is treatment of humans with the help of a horse.

Allie was nominated for the Award by one of her riders, Ana Berlowitz of Berkeley, who has Cerebral Palsy, and rides Allie as part of her therapy. “Allie understands people with disabilities, and is very gentle and affectionate with me and other clients,” said Ana Berlowitz. Ana has created a 3 minute video telling Allie’s story.


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